The Steam Appliance for the Styling of Synthetic Hair

Shaping synthetic hair fibres for wigs used to pose quite a challenge, even for qualified specialists. There was simply no device available on the market especially for shaping hairpieces. The only option was to use antiquated and sometimes home-made steamers. However, all this is now set to change.

The HiStyler is a steamer that was specially developed for styling hairpieces. Unlike previous steamers, the HiStyler boasts optimised ergonomics and handling, a modern design and a reduced weight for greater ease of use. Thanks to the ideal angle of the nozzle, shaping hairpieces has never been so easy.

The steamer can also be used to quickly and easily change a parting or to add volume to hair. In brief: the HiStyler can be used to change any shape of wig and to fix any restyle.

The HiStyler delivers visibly better results for hairpiece care. These advantages also have a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

This device can be used for all types of restyling
Straightening / waving
Parting right / left
Less / more volume
Defined contours
Curls with rollers
Defrizzing / detangling
Creating / removing crowns